#1 producer in Ukraine #1 producer in Europe

#1 producer in Ukraine
#1 producer in Europe

Our Brand

Packaged eggs under the Kvochka brand portfolio are represented in the most popular consumer segments. Due to the balanced pricing policy and broad assortment, we provide Ukrainian consumers with the best selection of quality products and ensure the long-term growth of the Company’s business.


Kvochka-branded eggs are sold through approximately 2,000 retail outlets throughout Ukraine, whilst the share of sales of Kvochka-branded eggs on the market of packaged products is steadily increasing.


Kvochka is a popular brand in the packaged eggs segment. Kvochka offers consumers high-quality and healthy products at an attractive price. We produce our own feed for laying hens and we know for a fact that Kvochka eggs are not only healthy but also very tasty. Kvochka - branded eggs have been endorsed by the Ukrainian Research Institute of Nutrition.

DOMASHNI (Homelaid)*

Nothing beats homelaid eggs, be it for a family breakfast, feast or for baking delicious pastries. We make sure we deliver them to your table. Domashny (Homelaid) branded eggs are eggs from hens that receive all our loving care and natural feeds. These eggs are nutritious, healthy and very tasty!

*Kvochka Domashni branded eggs taste as homelaid eggs.


Kvochka XL’s cartons contain ten premium table eggs (Extra-large (XL)), each weighing over 73 grammes. Kvochka XL is priced at the higher end of the Kvochka range of packaged eggs targeting customers looking for the premium eggs.



We offer Ukrainian buyers a modern product under the Organic Eggs brand. This product takes the top spot in the Kvochka brand portfolio and celebrates the company's commitment to offering only fresh and natural products.

**Production of this brand has been temporarily suspended.

More information is available at: kvochka.com.ua

Key Facts

30% share

of the industrial shell egg market in Ukraine

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