#1 producer in Ukraine #1 producer in Europe

#1 producer in Ukraine
#1 producer in Europe

Our Activity

AVANGARDCO IPL is one of the largest agro-industrial companies in Ukraine, specialising in the production and sales of shell eggs and dry egg products. Production cycle of AVANGARDCO IPL is vertically integrated, thereby ensuring reduced costs and enhanced quality control. AVANGARDCO IPL activities cover almost all the territory of Ukraine.

AVANGARDCO IPL major activities include:

  • Breeding of industrial laying hens, production and sales of shell eggs;
  • Production and sales of dry egg products;
  • Incubation and sales of one day old laying hens, breeding and sales of young laying hens and sales of poultry for slaughter;
  • Production and sales of feed;
  • Other activities include sales of goods and services, poultry meat and by-products, plant production, organic fertilizer etc.

Key Facts

6,368 tonnes

of dry egg products

produced in 2017

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