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Shell eggs

Our shell eggs meet the current Ukrainian and international veterinary and sanitary requirements and standards. All products have quality and veterinary certificates. In addition, our shell eggs comply with the Halal requirements and are eligible for export to the European Union.
Fresh shell eggs
Small (С2) (S, 43-52.9 gr) White Brown
Medium (С1) (M, 53-62.9 gr) White Brown
Large (С0) (L, 63-72.9 gr) White Brown

5-layer cartons

  • 630x310x330 mm (option #1), 360 eggs per box
  • 590x295x320 mm (option #2), 360 eggs per box
  • 550x275x290 mm (option #3), 360 eggs per box

Approximate box weight:

19.5 kg (S), 23 kg (М), 25.5 kg (L), 20 kg (XL)

More information is available here.

Egg powder

With thousands of customers across Eurasia and Africa, Avangardco is fully committed to its customers’ wellbeing, ensuring that its products are of a consistently high quality and safe for consumption.

AVANGARDCO IPL produces the following main types of egg products:

Depending on clients’ preferences, we can add many additives to the product, for example sugar, salt, etc.

The Сompany produces its dry products at the state-of-the-art egg processing facility Imperovo Foods. The plant is all-equipped with production lines by Denmark’s SANOVO, a world leader in the manufacturing of egg processing equipment. Imperovo Foods is certified to ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000, complies with the Halal requirements as well as certified for export to the European Union.

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