2.6 bln shell еggs produced in 2018

2.6 bln 
shell еggs produced
in 2018

Mission and Values

Our mission is to promote global public health by giving consumers access to affordable, healthy and safe eggs and egg products.

In pursuit of this mission, AVANGARDCO IPL upholds the following values:


We run our business in the spirit of transparency and we remain accountable to our stakeholders, both as a public company and as socially and environmentally responsible corporation.


We run our business as efficiently as possible in order to maintain a sustainable business and to create long-term value for our customers and shareholders.


We run our business with innovation in order to be as efficient as possible in our dynamically changing modern world.


We run our business in a sustainable way, ensuring that our focus on innovation, quality, efficiency and safety enables us to continue to create value for customers and shareholders.


We run our business with a focus on quality. Whilst our other competitive advantages may help to attract clients, it is, ultimately, the quality of our products and service that helps us retain them.


We run our business with a focus on safety to ensure that our operations and products are safe for our employees, our consumers and our environment.


We run our business in the spirit of commitment to do as we promise.